You’ve got to cLIMB The HILL To ENJOY THE VIEW

Some things can be a bit of an uphill struggle, but so often when you push yourself to achieve something – or literally climb a hill, the results aren’t just worth it but seem all the more special.

A few miles from both the Welsh Border and Monmouth is a great hill with a view that’s worth the effort – Symond’s Yat. From it’s top you can see down to the River Wye, snaking its way beneath you. And if you’re lucky you can see Peregrine falcons, Buzzards or Goshawks. Then on the way back down to the valley the Saracen’s Head Pub is a good spot for a drink, it’s right on the river, where you can also cross the water by hand-pulled ferry for a small fee. The only downside for me was that I got “don’t pay the ferryman” stuck in my head for ages afterwards.

The Wye valley is stunning whether you’re walking, cycling or climbing. Or why not hire a canoe for a saunter up-river, like the tiny people on the water far below?