You’ve got to love a pumpkin vase

pumpkin vase cropbrightWhen it comes to Halloween it can be a bit dull if you don’t have kids. I still stock jars of sweets (for me) and choose a pumpkin (usually for soup) but this year I’ve decided to brighten up my kitchen – with a simple trick for making a seasonal treat – the pumpkin, into a vase for my favourite Autumn flowers.

pumpkin vase-1It takes minutes to pop the top off your pumpkin with a steak knife and scoop out the seeds and pith with an ice cream scoop. The result, a cool pumpkin vase. It’s best to use a small vase or jar to keep the water fresh and to pop your flowers into.

You can leave your pumpkin eau naturel, or if you prefer airy-fairy to scary, paint it with white household emulsion. (I used flexible ceiling paint but I’m sure any paint will do – spray would give a smoother finish but it’s a bit messy, so paint your pumpkin outside.) Or, spray your pumpkin gold for an on trend table piece or candle base.

pumpkin-vase-5You can use any size pumpkins, even the small varieties, the fatter the ribs the more dramatic the end result will be.