May Day magic and natural beauty miracles

dew_by_lassekongo83-d1lk8oaLately I’ve been looking pretty pale and tired. After being unwell and not sleeping well my complexion’s been looking pretty grotty. I got a bit fed up of people saying I looked ‘tired’ and of looking in the mirror and seeing bulging bags that Tesco would be proud of. Thankfully I’ve found a natural pick me up. But first here’s a beauty ritual to try tomorrow as it’s May Day.

Beauty boost 1 – May Day Dew Wash
Tradition has it that if you get up early tomorrow morning and wash your face in the dew collected at or just before sunrise (set the alarm for before 5.30am), you will be prettier and pimple-free for the next twelve months. That’s because magic is in them there dew drops. Even better, roll naked in the dew to make your whole body more handsome (not sure I’ll be trying that one). It sounds daft but in the 16-18th Century it was big news. Girls would go into the wheat fields or woods to collect dew by laying out sheets. Although there were probably other motives to staying out in the woods at night. It was suggested in 1583 by puritan Philip Stubbes that of the girls who spent the May Day eve in the woods, “scarcely the third part of them returned home again undefiled.” It may be folklore but MayDay has always had a saucy side.

For centuries May Day has been a festival celebrating the start of summer and fertility. It was the time of year when the cattle were turned into the fields and rituals developed to protect the fertility of the animals and crops. The Pagan celebration Beltane marked the start of summer with fertility dances, fires and feasts. And so sexuality and attracting a partner became firmly woven into May celebrations from these pre-Christian times.

“The fair maid, who on the first of May, Goes to the fields at the break of day, And bathes in the dew from the hawthorn tree, Will ever strong and handsome be.”

I’m not sure I’ll be up with the lark but at least it’s a pure cleanser. For more readily available skin treats, here are two I’ve tried recently:

Beauty boost 2 – Elemis Spa facial treatment
Luckily a friend’s birthday came up recently and we decided to spend a day at a spa. Although it was pricey I treated myself to an Elemis skin specific facial. The day was a real treat and I loved the feel of my face afterwards. I kept touching my skin, silky soft and moisturised (used Pro-collagen Marine Cream – will be treating myself to a pot just because it feels good). But after a night’s sleep the results were gone. 2 days later I still looked a bit sallow.

Beauty boost 3. Sea air sanctuary
I popped off for the weekend to Devon with a friend. We stayed just outside Croyde and amazingly the weather was kind and was sunny for the whole time we were there. And we enjoyed a rare thing – a lie in, then walked the couple of miles down to Putsborough Sands. We had coats on but the sun shone and we had a lazy time drinking coffee and reading before walking the two miles back. Apart from the rest and the stunning scenery we also enjoyed some really impressive pub food and yes we weren’t that healthy, we had a few bottles of wine too. The break was a welcome change from routine and the sea air started to work it’s magic. The result? I had several people telling me how much better I looked. Now I know sun exposure isn’t recommended as a beauty treatment and that it’ll lead to extra wrinkles with the added skin cancer risks if you don’t slather on the sunscreen but a little bit of fresh air and Vitamin D can’t be a bad thing surely? What’s more the results have lasted longer than the facial.

Getting outside doesn’t just make you look better but it makes you happier too. Getting close to nature has been proven to lift the mood and help with light depression. So much so that some doctors now prescribe country walks and activities that involve light exercise, to be taken once a day – outside. Worth experimenting with, after all a walk in the sunshine is free, so you have nothing to lose but the frown lines.













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