Spring and starting over

me-reg-bradgate-8I’ve been a bit absent from blogging lately, partly because it’s Spring and truth be told I’ve felt decidedly unspringlike. Not only has the weather been cold and mostly wet but Bank holidays are a bit pants when you’re single.

Time off always makes me wish I was going somewhere more exciting or having fun but when the rest of your friends are settled it can be a bit flat.

But in the spirit of Spring I have discovered small glimpses of better things to come and I’ve decided to make the most of this time of renewal and fresh start to make new plans. Ok, so I actually wimped out on going it alone – and got myself a new friend. Meet my slightly loopy but always optimistic, whippet buddy Reggie. Who’s taught me a surprising lesson…

I have a very good friend (you know who you are;-) who believes in mindfulness. Now I don’t get mindfulness really – I thought it was making do with rubbish situations or overthinking. I’ve always preferred to pull out the wellies and stomp off a bad mood.

But at the weekend it dawned on me that without realising it, walking works like mindfulness (or at least my understanding of it). My body is busy and the rhythm of my feet helps me wind down. Then I find myself noticing the signs of Spring, like how the light catches the reeds or the long tailed tits noisily jostling for a spot in the hedge beside me. And that’s all I’m thinking about. I always feel better afterwards, whether it’s switching off, the exercise or just good old-fashioned fresh air, it doesn’t matter because it works. And now I have an excuse to walk every day, even on those dreary days I’d normally stay put on the sofa.

zAnd when you least expect it the sun pops out, so maybe Spring is starting after all.