Try something new…once in a Blue Moon

Moon2Tonight is a night that comes round once in a blue moon – a Blue Moon.

The expression “once in a blue moon” has a long history of being used to describe rare events – because a Blue Moon only happens once every two and a half to three years. Unfortunately the moon isn’t really blue at all, unless you view it through a haze or mist, but it is unusual to see a full moon for the second time in a single month.

There are different theories as to why this type of moon is referred to as “blue,” one of which being that it came from the old word “belewe” meaning “to betray.” People may have believed the moon was “betraying” them by appearing out of schedule or that it would confuse their plans. In the past farmers would note the extra moon and regarded it as an omen of upset, change and possibility, astrologers say it’s a time to give in to the heart’s desires.

But why not use the Blue Moon as an excuse to do something you haven’t done for ages? Or to do something you don’t do often enough?

My ‘once in a blue moon’ suggestions:

Pick up the phone and call your parents, family or friends if it’s been too long.

Say ‘yes’ more. Take opportunities whenever they pop up to try something new. Life stays the same if you do the same things.

Say ‘no’ more. There’s no shame in claiming a bit of time to yourself for once, to do absolutely nothing.

Do a bit of stargazing. There’s a great app for identifying the stars, so you’ll know if you’re looking at the Big Dipper, the Seven Sisters or the Bear. You can even track satellites with The Night Sky from icandiapps.

And finally, some interesting blue moon superstitions:

Picking flowers or berries during a blue moon will bring abundance, love and beauty into your life.

If you see a full moon and it is blue, take a coin in your pocket and turn it over for good luck.

Looking at a blue moon through glass will bring bad luck for a month. I’m not normally superstitious but I’ll be popping outside to see my Blue Moon.


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